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Open Letter to Sharon Osbourne:

Holy wow, Sharon. You really are a complete bitch!  And a catty one at that! (and your DJ cohorts are no better). You have such a stunningly superficial view of what real beauty is that it’s embarrassing to listen to you.

Side note: For those not in the know or who are under the delusion that Sharon Osbourne is a decent person, I refer you to this article (with video) by the Huffington Post.  Also, view this follow-up piece.

I wonder what it is about Ms. Boyle that is so intimidating to you. Clearly you ARE intimidated by something to so openly attack her.

You know the old saying, “those who live in glass houses…?”  For a woman who has had as much plastic surgery as you have, I suppose it shouldn’t surprise anyone that you value looks far above character and talent. Inner beauty does not exist in your world…in fact, I seriously doubt you could even grasp the concept.

What you fail to see, and the rest of the world sees brilliantly, is that Susan Boyle is a lady, both graceful and beautiful, inside and out. That is something you will never be able to buy or have implanted.

P.S.  Ms. Boyle’s album is now for sale! Take a listen over at Amazon.com!

  1. ScreeminMimi
    November 22, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    Elegantly and so completly said, I hope Sharon reads it!!

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