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Possibly the most awe inspiring mug shot I’ve ever seen, LMAO!!!!

This is quite possibly the greatest anti-drug picture of all time!

He’s a very weird cross between Pippy Longstocking and Alice Cooper! In fact, this guy is like a mix of just about every drunk celebrity!  I can even see a little bit of Nick Nolte in there too! LMAO!  Poor dude.  How bad does it have to be to get to this point?!?

To absolutely NO ONE’s surprise, meth and ammo are involved.  Makes me seriously curious about what kind of manifesto ‘weirdkins’ up there in the picture may have been in the process of writing.

If I had to guess, based solely on this picture, I would say it would probably sound like something from the minds of Charles Manson and the Crazy Cat Lady of “The Simpsons” frappeed in a blender and written down in one long rambling mess with no paragraphs, punctuation or capital letters (except for the ones he used to spell out in code his secret recipe for moss remover).  It would be frightening, delusional, with an extra helping of unintelligibility and maybe one surprisingly logical and insightful sentence having to do with the LHC, seasoned with just a dash of “I didn’t mean tuh” and “where’d I leave my tin foil hat?”

Kids…this is why we don’t do drugs.

Article here:

Ammo, Drugs Recovered In Metro Raid

WARR ACRES, Okla. — A bomb squad removed military-styled bullets and enough weapons to blow up a city block during a raid Tuesday morning, Warr Acres police said.

Officers said John Francis Wallace had been dealing drugs from his home. Neighbors said they had their eyes on the house and have had their suspicions lately on what happens behind closed doors.

“We’ve known he’s been selling drugs and crap like that for a long time,” said neighbor John Edwards.

Warr Acres police raided the house looking for drugs. Officers said they found 10 ounces of psychedelic mushrooms, marijuana and methamphetamine inside.

“We also found a large amount of military ordinance — larger shells,” said Warr Acres Police Maj. Hugh Osborn.

Investigators said one of the shells was a piece of World War II-era anti-aircraft ammunition. Other large military ammunitions were found, too.

“According to that other guy, he could blow up the whole block with some of that,” said Edwards.

The Oklahoma County bomb squad picked up the ammunition and is trying to determine from where it came. Warr Acres police said the ammunition is extremely volatile.

Neighbors said they wonder what Wallace had planned. Police said Wallace is a convicted felon and cannot have the ammunition.

Warr Acres police said Wallace is facing several charges including drug charges. He has several previous drug convictions.

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