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Oh…John Mayer…

We all know you have an incurable case of verbal diarrhea, not to mention a total lack of propriety when it comes to talking about women of your past, but there are some things you can do and do very well.  This is one of them:

John Mayer saw Austin’s sign from the first row which asked if he could come on stage and play Belief with him. John accepted and invited Austin on-stage to join him and together they played the song.

Way to go John. A lot more of this, a lot less of the ‘divulging of intimate details’ (which only serves to boost your own personal ego and we know it)…you’ll be well out of this sticky tabloid existence you currently find yourself in. Shoot, you’ll be heading full on back into ‘respectability’!

Even if it was nothing but a self-serving stunt aimed to make you look better, it also had the wonderful effect of making Austin’s dreams come true. Of course you understand that! You WERE that kid once! and you know that your generosity meant everything to that him! Kudos!

  1. Amy
    March 3, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    That was full of awesome. :D

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