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Open Letter to Kara DioGuardi:

It’s true, we did get “the memo”.  America knows you have the hots for Casey James.  In spite of your “efforts” to hide it, somehow…somehow, we, the viewing audience, have managed to pick up on your fascination with this dude…amazingly enough.

Sure, we know that Casey James can play the guitar, and he can sing, and he can do both at the same time.  We know he has heroically fought his way back from a traumatic motorcycle accident.  We also know that his brief time in county jail officially makes him a “bad boy”, and these are all qualities that make for a seriously good “Idol” story.  We further have observed that yes, he is a rather intriguing mix of John Krasinski and Gerard Butler:

Be that as it may, does that really excuse you falling all over your yourself with the giggling and the blushing?  Your obvious enthusiasm was noteable…but Kara, I have to say woman, you are freaking embarrassing yourself!!!  The truth is, you’re way too young to do the “saucy old woman” thing and have it be cute. Besides, Betty White has THAT market cornered at the moment.  And the cougar thing isn’t really appropriate either because, hello…didn’t you just get married to your own personal hottie?

Is there any adequate excuse for a woman in your position *coughcoughjudgecough* to be acting so vulvically?

And don’t even try to claim the “creative editing” card because those reactions are blatantly out there for all the world to see, lol!   Any editor with five minutes under their editing belt using MovieMaker wouldn’t even have to work at making your crush visible!  You didn’t even realize your foot “popped”! LMAO!!!

I did find it curious, however, that after all these weeks of your over the top “support” for this one contestant, that last night, bam! you drop the hammer and though you insist you’re “still a fan”, you were downright cold to Casey! But then, you’ve not been fair (or impartial) from the beginning…blinded by his long hair and exposed abs initially, now you’ve gone completely the other way to compensate.

He wasn’t bad last night.  Your remarks?  “This is a singing competition”?!?  “More like dirt”?!? Please. This is a performance competition if anything else.  It’s not just about the vocals…it’s about the full meal deal and you know it and you blew it and you’re doing damage control…badly (though, if there is a graceful way to extricate oneself from a situation like this, I ‘m not sure I know what it is, lol)!

Randy had it right.  But then, he’s unbiased, isn’t he (this time, lol).

I loved it when you put “Bikini Girl” in her place (and rightly so!) last season. But listen, from one Kara to another, I just hope you remember what you’re supposed to be doing there…and here’s a hint: it isn’t stooping down to Simon and Randy’s “Bikini-Girl” level.


  1. Amy
    March 3, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    “Vulvically”?? LMAO!! I nearly fell down laughing, Kara. Oh my… *giggle*

    Yeah, I’ve been watching Kara D. making goo-goo eyes over Casey and thinking much the same things you have been. I mean, c’mon…once was cute, but with his every appearance now…it’s getting downright embarrassing for her. Methinks she was colder to him last night because her own hubby hottie might have needed some ego soothing after the prior week’s show when Kara D. was literally tongue-tied and drooling into her lap, lol.

    And, omg…you are so right on with the Gerard Butler comparison. He’s almost a dead ringer for him, it’s uncanny! He could be Gerry’s doppelganger…


    • March 9, 2010 at 10:14 am

      :D It’s quite a descriptive word, no? LOL!

      Honestly, I’m surprised that I seem to be the first one to make the Butler/James connection. I really thought the Tarts/GALS/etc. would’ve been all over that! *wink*

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