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Now THIS is the way to do a remake!

You might recall my horror at the news of the “Footloose” remake I posted about last year (and believe me, I’m still horrified at the thought)…and on the whole, MOST remakes are a very bad idea because they take an untouchable original and try to “improve” it. ROFLMAO!!!!  It is almost impossible to improve upon cheesy perfection.  Period.  All that will happen is all that cheese will be multiplied into an ooey, gooey, undefinable mess that will do nothing less than melt all over the place and stick to bottom of everyone’s shoes.  Nasty.


About once in an epic age, someone with actual talent will find a way to remake a true classic, keeping the best elements in tact while at the same time, adding the perfect changes that enhance the story and take it to another, beautiful, amazing level!

I give you, “The Karate Kid” (2010):


Does this not just look AWESOME?!?!  Remaking it…in CHINA!!!?  OMG! BRILLIANT!! Not only will the scenery be beyond breathtaking, but did you see who “Mr. Miyagi” is going to be?!?  Freaking Jackie Chan (I love Jackie Chan!)!  And Jaden Smith…how cute is that kid!  If he has half his father’s comedic timing, he’ll be fabulous.  The basic elements look like they’re there…hopefully the script will not wreck it (as scripts often do). *fingers crossed*!

This has WIN written all over it.  June 11th…you know where I’ll be! :D

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