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Chatting in techniscary??! O_o

Chat Roulette; a site I am told is prone to disgusting displays of exhibition and inappropriateness, is most definitely rated X, and will not be a site I link to or recommend to anyone else.  Think of it as sticking your face into a vat of unknown, nasty humanity. Yeah…vat…totally the right word, with all of it’s icky connotations, lol.

However, Chat Roulette appears to have at least ONE redeeming quality: unintentional humor, something uncovered fabulously by a user called PianoChatImprov of Youtube (Let’s call him Piano Man for short). ;)  Talk about taking a scary situation and turning it into complete hilarity!

Talent and good timing! Most excellent! LOL!!!

If you’d like to kinda see what Chat Roulette is about without actually going there, check this out: The 24 Best Chat Roulette Screenshots [NSFW] (think of it as the PG-13 version of Chat Roulette).

And Kids, Chat Roulette is about 97% perverts and pedophiles, Piano Man falls into the 2.3% of funny, the rest being 1.7% random.  BTW, these statistics are 73.587% made up but probably are 100% true…if you don’t know what perverts and pedophiles are, you are definitely too young to visit!

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