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Parking Rant

To the self-absorbed @$$hat who thought parking in the handicapped spot was a clever idea even though there were TWO EMPTY SPACES right next to it,

I know you might have been concerned about time which is why I presume you chose that spot to begin with (walking those four extra feet can be SO time consuming)…a quick dash in, a quick dash out…no one will know, no one will be inconvenienced. However, your definition of ‘quick’ and the rest of the world’s definition of quick differ by about 45 minutes.

I just wanted to let you know that while you were busy doing what ever the hell you thought was so important, I was able to pursue my favorite hobby…photography.


Yes, I captured your parking skills on film…and as luck would have it, I just so happened to run into one of the many police sponsored volunteer groups that monitor our area for exACTly people like you. And I just so happened to let them know ALL about you…you know, truck make and model, license plate information, the fact that you were illegally parked in a handicapped spot…you know, friendly little details like that.

They were MOST interested in you, and even though you managed to ‘get away’ without being ticketed, rest assured- your truck was also recorded on our corporate security camera, along with aforementioned photos, with very CLEAR pictures of what was NOT hanging on the rear-view mirror and what was NOT visible on the license plate.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from our local city pd…our city needs ALL the money it can get…I’m certain they will NOT be passing up on a nice little $500.00 fine paid by your stupid inconsiderate @$$!

I have only one question for you…must you be a pothole in the highway of life?

Oh…one more thing…YOU PARK LIKE AN @$$HOLE!(.com)

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