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RE: State of Arizona Law SB1070

On the one hand:

And on the other:

From the comments section of this article: Arizona lawmakers modify immigration law

itiswhatitis at 10:24 AM May 01, 2010

Food for thought: Why does the U.S. have the most lenient illegal immigration policy in the world? Mexico does not tolerate illegal entry:  Police state: How Mexico treats illegal aliens.

The U.S. immigration problem is just a shell game to divert our attention from something scarier. We are quickly converted from a democratic republic to a non-democratic plutocracy – a country which is ruled by and for the corporations. Check out the January 2010 supreme court ruling which modified the first amendment of the Bill of Rights. Corporations are now considered to be people. This radical change enables corporations to shovel as muchmoney as they want into the presidential election process with no dollar limits.

The rest of the world sees this far more clearly than us. The U.S. government needs to flood the country with as many uneducated and desparate workers as possible, forcing U.S. citizens into a situations where they are powerless but to do what the Feds demand. Our wages are being reduced, our freedoms stolen, our votes bought. So, to all you Mexicans thinking of relocating here – do you really want to live in Mexico II? Your government already did to you what ours is the process of doing to us and I’m not so sure you will find a brighter future here. We too are on a race to the end of democracy.”

Why is it okay for the Federal Government to ignore some of it’s laws and enforce others? The best reason I can think of is because some laws don’t fit into it’s agenda and others do. I believe Arizona is well within it’s right to enforce a law that already exists, it has been making this plea for the last 15 years! All through the Clinton and Bush administrations…and now Obama’s.

But the question remains, why is the Federal Government ignoring the enforcement of this federal law?

Whenever you see the headlines dominated by one topic, such as this, start looking for the ‘man behind the curtain’ and what the hell is he up to while all this is going on!?

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