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We’ve lost an absolute treasure…

The bright lights of the silver screen continue to burn out leaving an ever growing darkness that will fairly soon extinguish all that was the glorious glamor of the original Hollywood.

We will never again have the likes of Lena Horne, she is nothing less than legendary in beauty and talent.  92 years…that’s a wonderfully long life to live.

Of course, my observations are primarily from the viewpoint of her amazing talent.  They do not touch on the amazing influence she had on race relations in Hollywood and beyond.  One incident in particular stands out: during a performance for the USO at Ft. Riley, KS, Lena walked off stage to the back of the room when she noticed that German prisoners of war were seated in front of black American soldiers!  In a Tribune interview years later, she said of the incident, “I just walked off stage and went up and sang to the back of the room.  It happened a couple of times, and they finally said, ‘Get her out of the USO’.  I just reacted as Lena.”

Peace to you Ms. Horne, and thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

P.S. My favorite song? “I don’t think I’ll end it all today” ;)

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