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My brother is a pyromaniac.

Ever since I can remember, my brother has had a fascination with fire and things that go “Ka-BOOM!” So of course it is absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows him that if he made it into adulthood alive, he would get his pyrotechnic license and become an official pyromaniac.

These are from the most recent show he and his crew did:

There he is, on the left.

Still on the left in full fire protection gear (required for everyone on the barge).

The thing about fireworks is that they can be a bit...unpredictable. This one, for example, didn't really want to explode when it was supposed to. It decided to explode a little early...just above the deck of the barge...

Yep. These babies are a far cry from the M-80's he used to use as a kid. Thanks to quick thinking on his and the crew's part, no one was injured...just slightly singed around the edges. Stay safe bro!!

Happy 4th of July!


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