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[Rant] My neighbor…

wishes he was a race car driver works on a race car in his garage.

He works on his car about 30 feet from our patio windows and for some reason, he thinks the time to start revving his engine is at about 9pm+ at night (which sounds remarkably similar to this).

Now…I will say so far he has usually stopped no later than 10pm…but the other night I was pms-ing and simply couldn’t stand it another minute!  So I called the non-emergency number to find out when the noise ordinance can be enforced.

Would you believe 11pm!??!? Yeah. So not happy.

The dispatcher I spoke with was wonderful and very understanding as I expressed my frustration. She said she already had an officer in the area and that she could have him do a drive by to see how bad it was. I thanked her and said “only if he isn’t doing anything, but yeah, that’d be great.”

After a while, the neighbor quiets down (about 10:15) but then me and Mr. Blu see a cop coming down the street so, we went out and chatted with him for a few minutes…described the issue, thanked him for swinging down our street (he was already in the area so no problem he said). It was really a nice conversation and the officer seemed to appreciate the fact that we came out to talk to him about it and while we were all pleasantly chatting away…

…around the corner, down our street comes three miscreant teens on bikes (who have long been a nuisance in our area) with squeaky toys, hooting and hollering and squeaking their squeaky toys in a most peace disturbing and annoying fashion! Mr. Blu and I looked at each other and grinned. Timing is freaking everything! lol!

The officer (who happened to be in an unmarked car) shouts out his window that they are biking illegally (no headlights, no helmets) and they hooted and squeaked at him as they went roaring past completely oblivious that he was a cop.

That’s when the officer flipped his strobes on and the whole neighborhood lit up in red and blue. He then excused himself from us and kinda tore off after them.

We’ll never know the actual outcome but we have great fun imagining the looks on their faces when they fully realized that their asshatery had been discovered…

Anyway…it got me over my pms grump and we didn’t hear another peep out of the neighbor after that. Double win!


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