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“Sucker Punch” = truth in advertising

Sucker PunchPositives: visually stunning, excellent stunt work, some decent performances.

Negatives: massively disappointing storyline. No, the plot’s not confusing, it’s just pointless. We start in one reality, slip into a prison/whore house reality, then go into a warzone reality at various times (when “Baby Doll” dances). Not quite “Inception”…but reminiscent of it.

What I thought it was about: a young girl who is unjustly locked away by her evil stepfather and how she and her fellow inmates escape using an actual alternate reality and how they also deliver a serious smack-down on the evil step-father and the system that aided him.

What it is actually about: a young girl who is locked away for attempted murder on her evil stepfather (who killed her mother for the insurance money and tries to molest her and her sister), and the accidental shooting of her sister (whom she was actually trying to protect from the evil step-father when he wasn’t able to rape her and turned to the younger sister instead). She is thrust into an asylum where she is some kind of mesmerizing super-sexy dancer that stops men in their tracks and enables the girls to get a series of items that will help them escape (map, fire, knife, and a couple of others things I don’t care enough to remember).

The action/fight sequences occur when “Baby Doll” dances. She goes into a dance/trance of sorts (her way of dealing with the asylum reality) and we see the “battle” that occurs. Oh, and true to Zack Snyder form, everything (EVERYTHING) is done in sllllloooooowwwwww motion. Everything. Which really worked well in “300” and “Watchmen”. However, in this POS? It managed only to make the movie feel 8 million times longer than I had patience for. Just find the 5th piece already so I can get out of here!!! And yes, I almost did get up and walk out…but like any good train wreck, sometimes you just can’t look away. I kept hoping it would suddenly get better! But it never did.

The apparent target demographic is 17 year old boys with Sailor Moon fantasies. It looked promising in the trailers I saw, but it was basically Victoria’s Secret Joins The Military. The plot had about as much depth as a toothpaste cap.

I know it would have been worse had I actually spent money on it. Thankfully, I didn’t. Sucker punch indeed. I’m still doubled over from it.

Updated to add a link to some really thought provoking ideas:  Vigilant Citizen|”Sucker Punch ” or How to make a Monarch Mind Control sexy.

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