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Movie Theater Ettiquette

So, Mr. Blu and I went to the theater a couple of weeks ago to see “Deadpool” (<—pretty durn funny, btw).

We walked in with our popcorn and drinks to find a good spot just as the pre-movie commercials (*gag*) started to roll.  This is, of course prior to the previews so, we’re actually a good 20 minutes early and we see that our favorite seats are open right in the aisle front by the  railing (perfect for put our feet up – lots of leg room too).


However, there is a couple sitting in the middle of the row and the woman…the woman is sprawled out across three seats, WITH HER SHOES OFF.


(Now, you may be asking, “but, weren’t you planning on putting your feet up too?”  And to that I answer, yes, but with my shoes on and out in front of me on the railing like normal people do.  It is accepted practice in my theater.  This sprawling across the seats without shoes thing is most definitely NOT!)

Since we’re interested in the seats right next to these people and because I admit, I’m feeling petty, we head for those seats and make to sit down next to her.  She had the nerve to be put out about putting her shoes back on and having to sit up – you know, like a proper theater goer.

Then, Mr. Blu sits down right next to her.


Then about 30 seconds later, these two get up and move down two more seats…where she PROCEEDS TO TAKE OFF HER SHOES AGAIN AND SPRAWL OUT AGAIN!


I guess that should have been expected.  One cannot deter entitlement of this magnitude without some push-back.  Seriously though…I have never even heard of someone behaving this way in a theater and I’ve certainly never seen it.


Mr. Blu was, of course, pissed but determined not to move.  So, I merely told him to hang tight and got up to find a manager.

The looks on the staff’s faces when I told them…LMAO!


I told them all the details and the said they’d be taking care of it.

Sure enough, a few minutes after I got back to my seat, I see 3 staff members + the manager stroll in.  I tap Mr. Blu on the shoulder and say, “You’ll wanna watch this,” pointing to where they came in.  We watch as one of the staff takes a casual lap across the front aisle and then walks directly in front of us – and the shoe-less, sprawling offender (who wasn’t phased by any of this, btw – totally clueless!). She then walks back to the manager and points the offender out who was, actually, quite easy to spot due to her taking up more than one seat.

The manager then walks over to her and gives her “the talk”, waits while she puts her shoes back on and sits up correctly.

Felt good to take their entitlement away.  Truly…


…because, WHO DOES THAT to begin with?!?  Seriously?

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