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Can’t breathe…


“The pain I feel now is the happiness I had before. That’s the deal.” C.S. Lewis

I will always love you and I may never recover from losing you, my sweet, sweet Lucy girl.

My comfort is that we were there with you, you were never once alone.  We were holding you and helping you and reassuring you.  We knew for absolute certain that you were not in pain.  You were still a puppy at heart in spite of your 14 years…always up for a game, right up until that awful day when it all fell apart.  Always together, to love and be loved.

You left us gently and peacefully.  Such tenderness and care…surely such a loving and peaceful passing must count for something?

I must have been really, really happy with you because I am completely crushed under the pain of losing you.  Oh…Lucy…my life was forever changed when you came into it and I will take you with me wherever I go for all of my life.  I will see you again.  I cannot believe that a God who is overflowing with love, goodness, and beauty and who is ready to give over everything to those he loves would suddenly stop loving and caring for the creatures he had put into existence with so much care, especially the selfless, loyal, unconditionally loving dog.

Dog – the perfect reflection of God.

Billy Graham once said, “I think God will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness. If it takes my dog being there (in Heaven), I believe he’ll be there.”

Do Dogs Go to Heaven? A Christian Perspective

Yes, Lucy…you and I will see each other again. Until then, thank you.  Thank you for loving us so sweetly and so completely.  You were never “just a dog” to us. You are and always will be the best part of our family, a much loved and agonizingly missed person who touched all of us so deeply.  I’m proud to wear your paw prints on my heart.

Rest easy, dear Lucy…until we meet again, because then we’ll being playing an epic game of ball and then neither of us will be resting!  Just running and laughing and playing…



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