I decided to revive my old blog (Random Thoughts) and in doing so further decided to combine my original video site (BluEyedDaizy Productions) with my blog. And now here we are. I ramble on endlessly about all kinds of different things from politics to religion, health, types of lint, movies, personal life stuff, music,…pretty much anything that pops into my head that I feel like throwin’ out there, this is the place it lands. Everyone needs a soapbox. *wink* I hope you like it. If not, I’m easy to ignore, lol! *grin*

29JAN2009 | About Me

What’s there to tell? If you know me, you already know me so it’s pointless to talk about myself to people who would a) know if I was lying, and/or b) share “dirt” that is best left burried, aye?

If you don’t really know me, it’s probably better that it stays that way because honestly, how well do I know you if you don’t know me and wouldn’t it be wiser to keep some things private because YOU could be a sociopath…or I could be. Either way…better safe then sorry. ;)

Still curious? Here’s a pictorial tour:


Remember when winter was actually winter? Well…I’m sure this year people know, but where I live now, winters have been typically mild with maybe two inches of snow for about 24 hours. *sigh*

When I was seven, I lived much closer to the Canadian border and man…did we have winters! The lake would freeze completely over, so thick you could drive a truck onto it! We used to ice skate to my grandma’s house (she lived across the lake; no roads, only boat access – it was awesome!) for hot cocoa and fresh baked cookies.

I learned how to ice skate on that lake and you’d think that water freezes in a nice even sheet like it does in an arena. It doesn’t. Usually, it freezes in ripples which makes for some interesting manuvering when you’re just starting out. My favorite beginners position was this one:


Don’cha love my Stay-Puff Marshmellow orange parka? Ya…I was a walking 70’s nightmare, lol! But I loved my fuzzy hat.

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