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Well, THAT was friggin’ irritating!

September 20, 2009 2 comments
I am seriously having buyers remorse on this one.

How could something with so much potential go so completely down the drain?

I have just finished reading “Mr. Darcy, Vampyre” and I’ve got a few bones to pick with the author.

I will start, though, by saying that I think it a highly imaginative concept- Mr. Darcy being a Vampyre.  Ms. Grange’s idea has the possibility of going in so many directions and she takes us down an interesting path as we are lead into the story.  I give her high marks for originality but a failing grade for not following through which leads me to give the entire book a C-.

Spoilers to follow, read at your own risk: Read more…


“New Moon” Trailer…sort of.

February 10, 2009 7 comments

This girl (tiffanyd666) has some serious editing chops!  With 2,953,234 views (and counting) you know she’s already makin’ waves.  (my daughters- total Twilight fangirls, are gonna freak when I show them this, lol.)


#1:  I didn’t like the movie “Twilight” all that much.  It was…just okay.  Could have a lot to do with the directing, the editing, the piggyback riding…can’t quite put my finger on it.  I will say the actors did a terrific job of portraying their characters as they were written (which in fact doesn’t say much for the book).

#2:  I’m not actually a…what do they call them…a “Twilighter”, a “fanpire” (?) but I did read the entire series.  Mainly because my girls wanted to read them so, we all kinda read them at the same time (which was interesting with only 1 1/2 sets of books between the 3 of us).

My oldest wanted to make the books last as long as possible, my youngest zipped through the series with the speed of a freight train…and me, well – it’s not exactly challenging literature is it. lol.  I finished it before both of them (though I wanted to slap the crap outta Bella so many times, cripes that girl can whine!).  We had a very good time debating the different issues of the series- those being: Meyer’s take on vampires (nicely original), writing style (hey man, I haven’t written a book of my own, I don’t judge), Bella’s inability to make a decision, storyline and twists, the fact that this whole idea of romance sounds awfully familiar, etc, ad nauseam.

Best time I had though was tormenting my girls by telling them the protagonist (Bella) should end up with Jacob (the werewolf), not Edward (the pedophile 100-something yr old vampire).  I did this with much glee because hey, gotta get my licks when I can right?  It is to be noted that both my girls fell head over heels for Edward.  I told them:

*rant warning*

“It only makes sense for Bella to wind up with Jacob because Bella can still be herself with him.  (THAT is a good message to send to teen girls who are longing for guidance, eh?  That they need to be themselves, not try to conform to some hormon ridden lust machine’s idea of what he wants her to be, right?  That if he doesn’t like her for who she is he can just go hang and isn’t worth the gum on the bottom of her shoe? I thought so too.)  She doesn’t have to change anything about herself at all!  True she’d be putting up with what basically amounts to a big smelly dog…(but really, how different is that from most men anyway?).

However, in order for her to be with Edward, she has to change everything about herself (i.e. becoming one of the undead), leave ALL her family and friends, give up EVERYTHING she’s ever known just so he doesn’t wind up killing her accidentally when he gets all hot and bothered.  And what kind of a creepy old guy (ya, I know he’s trapped in some kind of “hot teenage bod” – whatever, skinny/pale/cave-chested/cold was never my bag), who sneaks into her room at night to ‘watch her’ btw… shocked…and who is all ‘I can’t stand the smell of you only because it makes me vant to dr-r-rink your blood’ and then all of a sudden he can totally handle it?  Oh yes…that’s because he’s a supa-star!  Ha.  Dude has ‘STALKER’ written all over his sparkly bad self.

Why does Bella need either of these guys?  Why can’t she just put on her big girl panties and make the obvious choice (which is NEITHER OF THEM)!?  You know…Screw this bs!  Bella should just MOVE THE HELL BACK TO ARIZONA!!!”  (<—–I didn’t actually say that last bit- well, I did under my breath, lol.)

As a mother I simply cannot condone this kind of squishy, co-dependency and overall emotionally driven bad judgement.  I do give props to Edward though who tried to ditch Bella at the beginning of book two (“New Moon”) but their teen angst was too much to suppress (egads…isn’t it ALWAYS!!!?) and he returns only to drag us through two more books of whining.   You’d think a centenarian+ would have learned how to handle a situation like this a  long time ago.

Anyway…none of my rambling has a thing to do with tiffanyd666.  She is an excellent vidder and I simply had to post about her here and share her work with you all.

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“The Graveyard Book”

January 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Looks very interesting…kind of a “Jungle Book”/”Harry Potter” hybrid perhaps?  Not sure exactly but it looks very interesting.  And I’m not the only one…this piece of fiction just won the Newbery Medal for 2009.  It seems to at least be worth a peek.  Author’s site:   “The Graveyard Book”


Looks like it will be coming to a cinema near you in the next couple of years!   Article:  Gaiman’s ‘Graveyard’ to be a movie, too.  

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