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A Poem within a Poem

September 7, 2009 Comments off
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A good way to spend a quiet day. :)

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August 18, 2009

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Flickr:  Caro Wallis' photostream

Photo Credit: Flickr: Caro Wallis' photostream

So quietly that I almost didn’t notice, something died today.

I have gotten so used to it being around that I never really questioned it…it was comfortable, it was there…since the very beginning it has always been there. And then, today it wasn’t.

It is like the “I love you” tagged on as a closing cliche’ in a phone conversation that is said without thinking, without questioning…you don’t notice it in every day life, but suddenly – it’s absence is the loudest silence you’ve ever heard and you’re left wondering…where did it go? Will it ever come back?

I thought I’d misunderstood at first. I guess I’m still hoping that is all it is.  Maybe it isn’t that it has died…maybe it is simply somewhere else…resting.

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July 14, 2009 2 comments
Flickr: horizontal.integrations photostream

Photo Credit: Flickr - horizontal.integration's photostream


Like a balloon…just released, soaring into the sky only to have it’s ribbon snagged by the claws of a tree branch.  You can see the sky, waiting, calling to you…you try to escape the grasp of that thing keeping you from freedom.  Panic starts to rise…you fear you will be trapped there forever…caught between worlds – never fully freed…forever taunted by the”if only” of it all.


The feeling of standing in a glass box with no visible way of escape as you watch what you’ve built slowly crumble around you and you are helpless to fix it, to stop it, to change it.

The feeling of knowing that in just a few more weeks it will all be over and everything will be fixed, stopped, changed…but then time seems to HALT and there you are; stuck, waiting… and the vice grips crushing down.

The fear that it all may come crashing down in the final moments, that it has started to crash down already…just before we would have won it all.

Oh, if only it were September already.

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No more.

June 15, 2009 Leave a comment

No more to Busy, I’m used up- I’m done.
No more to Noise, let my ears be unrung.
No more to Pressure, my body can’t take it.
No more to Moving, my legs just can’t make it.
No more to Going Out, I don’t want to leave.
No more to Telephones, just leave me be.
No more demands, no more obligations,
No more to all that pulls me past patience,
No more “I have tos”, no more “you musts”,
I just want some peace in a place I can trust.

Ode to an Earthworm…

April 29, 2009 Leave a comment

safe in the dark dirt
unexpected deluge comes
it sucks when it rains


rain falls cold, soaking
all earthworms evacuate
ACK ! A giant foot!


earthworms in water
“Because we like to swim too!”
backstrokes without arms

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The beauty of living in Oregon is…

April 6, 2009 12 comments

…you don’t have to be a gardner to have beautiful flowers in your yard.  :)

(I presume by now you know to hover over the pics for ‘sekrit mehsidges’…right?)

and one of the two prettiest flowers in my yard yesterday?

(the other one didn’t want to be photographed…gotta respect that. )