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It’s still hot…I’m still whining…

July 29, 2009 2 comments

UPDATE: Good lord, as if anyone cares, LMAO!!!  But here we go anyway:  Current outside temp: 85.5 F.  Current inside temp:  97.3 F (did I mention that I do not have A/C?)  *sigh*  Well, at least I can live with double digits and the freakin’ heatwave seems to be abating.   I think…I will make it (again, as if anyone cares, *snort*).


At the moment, it is a balmy 106.7 F. Maybe if I stare at images of snow and ice I can fool myself into believing it isn’t actually so hot that my skin will melt off my feet if I dare to walk barefoot on the pavement. It’s worth a shot.

On a day like today I really wish I could just spirit away to an Ice Hotel

Photo Credit: Flickr - Etolane's photostream

Oh ya…I could so go for an ice cold one out of a glass made of ice!

Photo Credit:  Flickr - Etolanes photostream

Photo Credit: Flickr - Etolane's photostream

Photo Credit:  Flickr - Etolanes photostream

Photo Credit: Flickr - Etolane's photostream

Photo Credit:  Flickr - Etolanes photostream

Photo Credit: Flickr - Etolane's photostream


Perhaps I should just embrace my fate. It is hot. There is no avoiding the hot. The hot is relentless and cannot be escaped forever…but the hot does not last forever either (even though it seems to be neverending)…

Photo credit: Gasometer Museum, Oberhausen.  Out of this World - Wonders of the Solar System exhibit.


I could try better diversionary tactics like…

This has all happened before, it will all happen again…

Released…just in the nick of time. ;) I’ll be having a couple of cold ones and a whole lotta time in ‘deep space’ tonight! *big grin* (sometimes it hurts being such a sci-fi nerd, lol)

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You might as well be walkin’ on the sun…

July 27, 2009 Leave a comment

The BIGGEST fallacy to living in the Pacific NW:  “You don’t need air conditioning!”

And to that I say, “BULL PUCKY!!!”

Three digit temps ARE NOT NORMAL!!!  ACK!!!!

I’m melting!  I never do well in the heat to begin with…but just…ARGH!!!!! I know in some “past life’ I must have been an Antarctic native or something because…I just cannot cope with the heat and humidity…never have been able to.  And I freckle.  Did I mention I freckle?  At the mere HINT of sunlight…I break out in freckles.  I have come to terms with that fact…but the heat…ACK!!!  I think I’ll just sleep in my refrigerator.

UPDATE 1: It is now Day 2 in “Heatwave 2009”.  I am huddled up to the heater under my desk (yes…THE HEATER) because the A/C in my office, which I needed so much of last night, is working overtime and I can practically see my breath.

Herein lies my personal paradox; I freeze my bits off during the day and melt into a puddle at night.  Not looking forward to tonight.

UPDATE 2: It is 105.5 F.  There is only one thing to say about that:

UPDATE 3: I bet they had A/C at Comic-Con.  *pout*

UPDATE 4: I think my will to live has been sucked out of the ends of my hair.  *whine*  SOOOOOOOHAAAAAAWWWT!!!!!

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