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100 Words: October 23, 2009

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Every now and again I feel a need to step away from things and just breathe.

I’m not sure where this feeling comes from, but it seems to just insert itself in such a way that all I can seem to do is pull back from everything. It pushes me to recoil into myself. It makes me seek refuge within the confines of silence. It forces a distancing, especially of technology which is far too invasive as it is, and inspires a desire for simplicity in its truest and most unpolluted form: a quiet observance of nature.

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100 Words: October 16, 2009

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Blue. Deep, tranquil, unrelenting blue. What a gorgeous world to immerse oneself into. The light is different; layered in long, diagonal lines of glowing luminescence, electrifying the surfaces it touches.

It’s so cool down here, so removed from the opressive heat of the sun, and the chaffing wind that pushes and pulls with it’s sharp claws. They can’t come down here. They can only watch from above, hovering over the surface and dream of what lies below.

This is why blue is the color of peaceful coolness. When you are bathed by it’s light, everything else fades quietly away.

100 Words: October 14, 2009

October 17, 2009 Leave a comment

It's alright to disagree.

Opinion. That’s all it is, maybe a few facts tossed in, but there is definitely bias. There is always bias, because each person has their own unique set of experiences that completely color their view of things.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not everyone has the freedom to actually voice it, but here in the US, we do have the right, and we also have the right to disagree with another’s opinion.

However, no one has the right to injure or abuse someone because that someone does not agree with an opinion held by another.

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100 Words: October 12, 2009

October 13, 2009 1 comment

Careful now...

Carefully now, one foot, then the other, step by painful step. There’s no going backwards, that could be disastrous.  Only forward, step, step, check your balance, step again.

The effort of concentration gives me headaches, sometimes so bad I can’t see clearly. Still, there is no relief…only step, step, and step again.

No rest at night, sleep doesn’t come easily, I think it fears me losing my focus and so only lightly passes over me, touching me just deeply enough to dream. I wish it wouldn’t bother…my dreams aren’t worth the keeping right now.

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100 Words: October 7, 2009

October 7, 2009 2 comments

Stupid Wednesday.  Grrr...

I spent most of today thinking it was Thursday.

Thursday: second best day of the week, though in some ways even better than Friday because Thursday is Friday-Eve. It’s all about the anticipation of Friday, especially 5pm Friday!

Thursday is good simply because of it’s proximity to Friday and Friday is ALWAYS good for it is on Friday at 5pm that the weekend looms ahead in all it’s relaxing, glorious splendor. Oh, the possibilities! Oh, the fabulousness of what might be!

So you can imagine my disappointment at finding out it was merely Wednesday today.

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100 Words: October 6, 2009

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Photo Credit: Storm Clouds over Lone Pine by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

The Golden Hour with Extra “Sauce”.

When the sun is hovering tentatively above the horizon, merely thinking about setting, reaching it’s golden fingers across the valley floor to touch the maple trees in such a way as to gild their verdant leaves a very particular shade of flaxen sage, almost as if it is bidding the trees goodnight.

It’s even more impressive when a dark and menacing thunder storm seems to be hurrying the sun to it’s bed below the horizon. The contrast is quite otherworldly. This is my favorite kind of sunset.

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100 Words: October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009 2 comments

Views from a freewayIdyllic. In every way. It is easy to imagine the perfect lives that must live behind the walls of the elegant farm houses I rush past at 72mph. Easy because I don’t know them, have never seen them, will never see them (that I know of).

I imagine their perfect, homey holidays around their family hearths, the scent of cinnamon and apples filling the air. Their undoubtedly peaceful existence as they watch the sun set on their fields, the frost kissing the leaves just outside their shimmering windows of joy.

You see, ignorance IS bliss.

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